Some things are just not going to work out.

And I think I'm okay with it.

It started out with cookies. It's that lovely time of the month where a woman craves sweets more than any other time of the month. *wink* Made a lovely batch of no-bake peanut butter oatmeal (with a smidge of nutella) as a sweet treat. Other than the nutella, everything is organic and lower sugar than all the crazy sugared versions I was finding online. Even though I used a tiny fraction of sugar than most recipes, my husband agreed it could use less, even no added sugar.

Within a half an hour, my ass was praying to the porcelain gawd.  Seriously? Couldn't let me enjoy this? At first I was very disappointed. I tried to make something healthy-ish and my body rejected it like a bad egg.

I spent too many years ignoring these signs, continuing to eat foods that are not good for me, healthy or otherwise. I snuck one more bite and called it good. The boys of the house will enjoy them as a rare treat since it will be stored in the fridge and have a decent shelf life.

Rather than dwell on not being able to eat these, I will focus on the other recipes that I have created that are safer for me. In small quantities and spread out. It's important to list to your body, not force your gut...literally.

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