Kale chips

Been working on a plot to convert the population onto kale chips. They are one of the greatest treasures in the world of food. Not only is it insanely healthy, it tastes terrible! I kid, I kid. My way of saying, it is out of this world.


You know those annoying pieces of tough lettuce things crowding on your plate when you eat at a restaurant? Yep, those you can find in the produce section of your local grocery store. You may feel weird buying them at first but that will quickly disappear upon your first batch of kale chips!

1 bunch kale (any variety, purple kale is my personal favorite)
1 tablespoon olive oil
salt to taste (optional)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Wash kale pieces well. Shake and pat dry. Pay attention, this is the important part. You need to trim off the main stem. It is rather bitter. Tear into bite size pieces (they shrink, so be sure to leave them large pieces).

Pour over the pieces your olive oil and sprinkle in the salt. With your hands, rub generously. Lay flat onto a  cookie sheet (some recipes call for parchment paper, I find it wasteful). Bake for approximately 10 mins., watch closely, can burn easily. Will turn a nice golden color. Not sure if they will even make it to the plate. I'm guilty for devouring half before serving it to the family (shhhh, don't tell!)

• Don't crowd the cookie sheet, will cause uneven baking (partial crisp, partial soggy)
• Add seasonings while tossing in olive oil
• Sprinkle parmesan cheese before baking
• Sprinkle nutritional yeast before baking/gives a bit of a Doritos taste to it. Yum! My favorite way to season kale chips
• Sprinkle apple cider vinegar or balsamic after baking

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  1. I'm still really mad that they didn't have decent kale at the store here. I want to try this!

  2. You have converted me, my almost 2 year old and my 13 year old (that one took a bit) but hubby seems to be a bit put off by the look. I will win him over yet though..I used to eat a big old bowl of buttery popcorn for a late night snack and though the popcorn isn't that bad the added butter is not so great and now I am very happy with a bunch of kale chips. Have yet to find the red kale though..Have to hit the farmer's market on Saturday...You are amazing! Keep it up!

  3. My new topping of choice is Nutritional Yeast! It gives it a bit of a *doritos* taste. I add it before I add the olive oil and mix well.