My unhealthy obsession

Or is it?


I have fond memories of driving past Gilroy, California, smelling the garlic. Especially during the Garlic Festival. *swoons* Garlic can abuse me anytime it wants, I am at it's mercy. I can just picture my husband rolling his eyes at me. There she goes...being dramatic again. It's only garlic. He is lucky I'm still married to him.

It's one thing that I put mounds of fresh garlic in my dishes, but I have a secret confession to make. I love peeling them. Not with the fancy smancy garlic press (although I think Pampered Chef makes a nifty one). Not crushing it with the knife trick. I'm talking, one clove at a time, carefully peeling the papery skin away from the garlic. Not a flesh wound in sight. If there was a garlic peeling contest at the State Fair, I'd surely win!

With the sounds of craziness surrounding me, I find solace in the eye of the storm, peeling garlic. No one seems to bother me when I am peeling garlic, not even the cats. Although, my dear boy has been expressing some curiosity in those little cloves. He loves to eat them (yes, this boy is after my own heart). He even attempted to peel a couple himself, did quite well. I did have to shoo him away, this was MY TIME!

If you haven't introduced garlic into your cooking, you should. A natural way to bring life to your dishes.  :o)

Remember...take chances, make mistakes, get messy.

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  1. Hello. I just found your blog while I was on the HFCS facebook page looking at the photo of the newest Snapple drink.

    I just wanted to tell you that I am your newest follower :)

    I am looking forward to reading more!