The @#!$ stairs!

Okay, it is no mystery that I do not like exercise but walking is excluded. I like that so I refuse to categorize it as *exercise*. Will be our little secret. Shhh.

Since I've been taking the back way into my work building, Stairs and I have a face off each morning. Nearly feel childish about it, sticking my tongue out as if I was in a school yard or something.  Elevator is my friend, not you! How silly of me!

Elevator has been talking to me about how hurt Stairs feelings are. How I won't even attempt to climb her. (uh, that sounds naughty! LOL) Both Elevator and Stairs are both looking out for what is in my best interest. Damn them! How dare they gang up on me! Elevator has threatened not to work. She has done this to me before. *mutters* Bitch.

Last Monday, I stared at Stairs and begged her to let me ride Elevator. She was going to tattle on me, I just know it. So one stair at a time, I climbed. By the time I got to the third floor, my legs and lungs were trying to figure out if I was intentionally attempting to kill them. I assured them it was not my doing, it was all Elevator and Stairs fault. Took a moment in the hall to catch my breath so my coworkers wouldn't see me gasping for air and my legs regain consciousness.

By Wednesday, I was feeling pretty confident in myself. Ha! I'll show them I can do this! Haven't been by to visit Elevator since she kicked me off...

Well, their evil ploy worked. I still huff and puff a bit but it is getting easier each and every day.


  1. Well go you! unfortunately I don't have a job to go to right now ... but when I go to the store nowadays I try to not find the closest spot anymore. I intentionally park a bit further away. The walk will do me good! Well, unless you live in FL with the intense humidity we're having right now combined with the heat ... oh and the downpours that sometimes come from nowhere. Here, I park closer. Once we are back up in WA tho, back to the further out spots!

  2. Quick update: Still have not used the elevator! I'm pretty proud of myself. LOL