Did anyone miss me?

Wow. My last entry was October 5, 2010. Not sure what happened, I love blogging about food and the many musings of my life. I stepped off the wagon for a pit-stop and apparently forgot how to get back on. No more bathroom breaks for me! Ha!

You may recall my disappointment in my 6 month weigh in. Wasn't horrid but still was a lesson that one should weigh at least once a month to make sure your body is still on the the right track. Just as I found with my positive lifestyle change in eating as well as exercise, the loss was not reflecting it. Wasn't even making the bare minimum.

Decided to go in on a Saturday to a walk-in clinic near my work. My husband has gone there in the past for a few appointments and had a positive experiences. Knowing to expect blood to be drawn, made sure I fast. The doctor was hesitant as I talked about my day to day routine with food and exercise. I mean, how can you blame her. A fat gal sitting there telling you she is eating all this healthy crap and walking 2-5 miles a day and no weight loss to back it up? I'd have a tough time holding back the laughter myself. I even told her so! The only thing that made her winkle her nose was the lack of diabetic meds. She requested to take my fasting blood sugar...99. Blood pressure was good 120/85. Hmmm. I know my thyroid was out of whack...hence the lack of weight loss. She went ahead and prescribed my old dose of 75mg of Synthroid. She reserved the right to make changes to anything after my blood test results came in. Likely, I will need to come in to discuss it.

She called me the following Monday. She had a lot of excitement in her voice. My test results were beautiful. Only thing was my thyroid was off as we expected. I didn't need to come in since my results were awesome. Did need to come in 30 days after being on Synthroid for 30 days for a check up on those levels.

30 days goes by and I feel no change (I did lose 8 pounds, though!). Still tired all the time but because I am busy, I do not allow it to interfere with day to day life. However, if I am stagnant at any point in time, I fall fast asleep. When I met with my doctor, I shared those feelings with her. The office vampire came for more blood. Sure enough, there was almost no change at all. This was puzzling to the doctor. She upped the dose to 100mg. I almost immediately felt a difference. I turned into Superwoman! My house has never been cleaner!

Ok, enough about me! Who wants to eat??!!

I realize this isn't fair but since it IS the holidays, how can I not share a holiday recipe. These turned out to be a big hit! My in-laws are comfort food eaters. They do not venture out into the world of food. I thought it was funny how this dish sat out for a long while before someone quizzically asked what it was. Smore's Bites. Imagine a line of in-laws all tilting their heads in the same direction...huh? I swear, I am not making this shit up! Ha!

Smores Bites

3 cups crushed graham crackers
1 stick butter
1 tablespoon turbinado sugar

12 large marshmallows (cut in half)
2-3 hershey's plain chocolate bars

Mix graham crackers, sugar and butter together, I use my fingers to create a cornmeal like texture. In a non stick mini muffin pan (grease if desired), smoosh the mixture into each of the holes (about halfway). Bake in a 350 degree oven for approx. 10 minutes. Set aside to cool.

Melt chocolate in a warm pan or you can cheat like me and just add the chocolate pieces in a ziploc bag and dip it in hot water on the stove top. Once melted, slit a tiny hole in one corner. Add chocolate on top each graham cracker. Top it with one of the marshmallow halves. When all crust have a marshmallow, put under the oven broiler until toasted brown. Keep a close eye! They will burn easy.

Drizzle remaining chocolate on top of the toasted marshmallow and allow cool. Makes about 24 mini sized Smores Bites.