Rare summer day

Not exactly food related but a special enough event to write about so I don't forget. *laughs*

We take summers pretty seriously up here. Such a short season for us so we bask in it as much as we possibly can muster. Yesterday was one of those special days. Temperature rose to a whopping 73 degrees. Don't know if it was the HOTTEST day so far, but sure felt like it after many gloomy depressing cloudy days. Of course it had to be on a Friday workday. As I sat there with my coworkers, the bright sun peering through our windows, laughing at us.

At noon, we got the call we could go. Like children scrambling to bust out for recess, we hurried out. I was itching for the sun to touch my face. The boss lady even offered me a ride home, normally (especially if it was a crappy weather day) I'd take it. But today was special, I wanted to soak in the warm sun. Even slipped between some industrial buildings to gain quick access to the lake. I nearly gasp when I saw the lake glistening, half naked people running around playing and sunbathing. Ahhh, yes, today is summer.

A huge grin was planted firmly on my face the entire walk home. As I walked in my house, I quickly yelled at the boys to get the hell out of the house. We are going on the trail!! The husband was a bit grumpy but did it anyways knowing I wouldn't let up anytime soon. Ha! Smart man. The boy sensed my urgency and hurried himself out the door. They quickly became happy as the glowing sun beat against their bodies. The boy took his shirt off and giggled at the thought of not wearing his shirt in public. His white skin was as bright as the sun.

After a few hours of trekking on the trail and enjoying the lake, we headed back home. Being that it was still very warm and bright, we put the sprinkler up for the boy. I think it is safe to say he enjoyed it.

Even my purple basil enjoyed the rare warm sunshine.

An hour later, temperature dropped, clouds quickly came in and rained. I'm okay with this. The afternoon served us well. I do hope the sun graces us with another day like yesterday.

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