6.16 mile walk (Saturday, July 17)

Checking the weather forecast, I knew today was going to be a beautiful day. Wanted to make the most of it since I could see the little *rain* icon on the Sunday box...eeek!

Haven't been to the Saturday Markets in weeks. We've been planning out our weekends with more scrutiny since we gave up our bus passes. Yes, you read that correctly, gave.them.up! After reading updates on a handful of farmers markets we have here in Anchorage, we decided on the south market. It is small and quaint but just jammed packed with goodness.

Knowing we had a good walk ahead of us, made sure we had our basic essentials ready.
Water bottle = check
Backpack with extra recycle bags = check
Soft cooler for veggies = check
Sunglasses = check
Cash = check

These longer walks always have me a bit nervous. I still have over 100 pounds to lose and always question whether or not I can make such a walk. I have the passion and drive but the reality is I'm still pretty darn big. Demanding a lot of my poor legs but she has been so good for so long despite how sore they are afterwards. It is getting easier and easier.

Can't wait for my body to catch up to the image of my current lifestyle. I'm sure many folks look into our basket at the grocery store and just snicker. There is no way we just eat that healthy junk. Surely, our cupboards and fridge are full of crap. I know, I shouldn't let such things enter my head since I'm not physically hearing those things. At least that voice hasn't bugged me about the scale lately. :)

Ok, back to the walk.

We made it to the market. Heel is starting to hurt a little bit but able to work though it. First booth we walk into I was in heaven. Not only did this family farm have awesome produce, he was a certified organic farmer, too! I wanted one of everything! LOL I managed to get 2 bunches of Russian Red Kale ($3x2), beautiful head of cabbage ($5) and a big bunch of cilantro ($3). Brian started going on about making kale chips. The farmer asked how we make them, quickly, Brian said, "you just take them out of the oven and eat them". We all chuckled! It is that easy! I did share my basic recipe and he was intrigued. I was excited!

After that great find, we continued along to check out more booths. We stopped dead in our tracks looking at this most beautiful red romaine lettuce. They had a huge variety but this one won our hearts. We had to grab one at only $2 a head! Brian quickly spotted the strawberries. They were almost as big as the ones I used to indulged in central California. They were so yummy, we didn't make it outside the market before devouring them!


After resting long enough to inhale a quart of strawberries, we set back home. We decided along the way to stop at Costco for milk. They have organic milk we like to buy. Would add a couple extra miles to our walking, what the heck, it is gorgeous out! Knowing our produce was safe from the sun and heat in our cooler, we set off another course.

Wow, the bike path along C Street is awesome! The boy was able to ride ahead faaaaaaar ahead of us and neither of us parents had to worry about him and the traffic (or lions, tigers and bears, guess we still have to worry about those. LOL). Made it to Costco absolutely famished. Only a few dollars left in cash, the boys opted for a hotdog, I dislike hotdogs, didn't want greasy pizza so settled for a chicken bake. Started to feel a bit guilty since I've been so good avoiding processed foods. Ate about half and started to get full (what?! me? I surprised myself). Ate a couple more bites and passed it off to my husband who gladly ate the rest. LOL 

While we were exhausted from our long walk, moaning and groaning that our legs, feet and ankles hurt....we felt awesome in our accomplishment! Finished our blissful day with barbecued chicken tikka and kale (fresh from the market) chips! :)

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  1. Ooo those strawberries look great!
    AWESOMENESS!! I love days like that.
    Sounds like a LONG walk! I don't know how you did it- i take my 5yr old on a long walk and I am ready t pull my hair out from her whining alone- much less , from me being exhausted myself! lol.