Walk a mile in these crocs

I think it is about time to pay homage to my crocs. Go ahead, say it. How can one wear those ghastly looking shoes?! For me, they are the best invention known to man/woman. My feet resemble the same attributes as my overall physical being...short and wide. No joke!

Can't remember why we were visiting Alaska Mill & Feed nearly 5 years ago, we were apartment dwellers and did not have a yard but anyways, I saw those silly looking plastic holed shoes all lined up like toys on a wall. How stupid are those things? Surely, they cannot not be comfortable. As soon as my foot slipped in a pair for further mocking material, I ate crow. I decided on a pair that had the holes on the side, not on the top. Still not a fan of the overall classic holed model. Even I draw the line on its ugliness! Ha!

Three years ago, starting a new job, I needed a new pair of crocs. My brown ones were looking pretty drab. Moving on from my old job after 18 years was a big deal, how else does a girl celebrate? Yep, new crocs, baby! Yes, my husband is lucky that my high ticket shopping items are crocs. *laughs hard*

Decided on a pair of *professional* crocs. No holes and skid proof. That was probably my biggest complaint with my previous pair, did not do well on wet sidewalks. So, style'n with a new pair of crocs, I was ready to conquer the world! Errr, new job!

I've put on a lot of miles on these shoes. They've not given up on me once, given me blisters or sore feet. Wished I had tracked the miles through the past three years on these crocs but can say for a fact that I've been averaging 20 miles a week (for the past 3 months).

So, farewell my trusty friend.

Want to get one of these, but they haven't had my size in awhile. ::cries::

Would love to get my hands errr, feet on a pair of these! Pricy for my budget, maybe one day!

It looks so comfortable and think it would be cool to have gorilla feet!


  1. those Five fingers ones are so friggin awesome. We tried on some last summer. I even bought a pair. ended up taking them back tho because the heel part bothered me. Not sure it was this brand tho.

    The shoe is so awesome. You can "walk barefoot" without being barefoot.. which means you can work on correcting HOW you walk too. But thats another story...

  2. My husband got the Vibrams for his birthday and he loves them.

  3. Ri has had the vibrams for over a year now(he wants a new pair soon)- He recommends them to everyone and wears them all the time

  4. Anyone ever wear the vibrams in the winter? Crazy me even wore my crocs in the snow, my boss lady teases me all the time. LOL

    You guys make me want a pair right.this.minute! When I do get a pair, I will surely review them. For now, affordable crocs it is.

    Herbs'n'Chocolate (love the name!!): I've heard it takes some getting used to but absolutely worth it.