I almost caved...

into that stupid demonic device also known as (insert dramatic theme music here) THE SCALE.

Why today? I haven't been on it since mid March. Barely a thought here and there. Maybe because I had too much alone time in the bathroom? (hey! I'm a mother, enough said.) There I was peacefully taking my dump, staring at that hall closet door. Thinking about 'it'. It wouldn't hurt to peek...right? I know I've lost weight so can't be too disappointing...right?

Then I slapped myself silly (well, not literally).

Of course I am going to be disappointed!! I desire to be 140 pounds! No way in hell am I that! Naturally, I'm going to be disappointed of a completely unrealistic goal.

Since I used the last of the toilet paper roll, I had to go to the closet to get another roll. I saw it, laughing at me. Immediately put on my mean face, "FU scale!" Shut the door and exclaimed, 'Ha! Who is laughing now!!?? Huh, huh?!". The cats were confused to why I was yelling at the closet door.

Sometimes, ignorance is bliss. I am proud to say I still do not know how much I weigh. My loose jeans tell me I'm doing great. That's all I needed to hear, I am GREAT. :o)

How is everyone else doing on their no-scale goal?


  1. How are you doing with it, luckiest1? I found the first couple of weeks hard. Caved a couple of times and had to start over. Being that it has been awhile, this mornings yearn shocked me.