What's with this RAW movement?

In my journey to healthier eating, raw eating comes up often. I’ve been dismissing it for quite some time. RAW has been finding it’s way to me now. This one friend is a fanatic about it, pushing her green smoothies at every possible opportunity. Because I adore her, I put up with it. (smooch!) The past couple of weeks, I’ve gotten a handful of emails regarding the raw movement from other people.

Hmmm…is that fanatic friend onto something?

The biggest reason I’ve shied away from the raw revolution is I don’t like a lot of vegetables raw. :sigh: Could I be a part time vegan? Or would that be a disgrace to the raw community. Hi! My name is Kathryn, I’m a quarter vegan, half vegetarian and quarter carnivore. Yea, I can see that going over well.

I’m quite open about the lack of tools in my kitchen. This raw business has a hefty upfront cost.

While I can se enjoying a smoothie here and there (oh just shush already fanatic smoothie friend!) but I love eating/chewing food. Can I get pass my own personal hang ups and try this? Could my family get on board?

This is completely out of my comfort zone, which might be what I need. Always love a challenge.


  1. The cost and prep time is a big part of what keeps me from attempting raw. Yes, I know about the smoothies, obviously. But, like you, I like chewing, and smoothies don't do a whole lot for me.

  2. We are going to save for a good blender (leaning towards a Blendtec) and start small. Maybe a breakfast smoothie (2 - 3 mornings a week) and do a dinner once a week totally RAW. Will be an interesting challenge.

    If anyone is a raw foodie, I welcome suggestions, favorites, etc. I'm an eager student.

  3. Hi! The cost can be negligible, one doesn’t have to buy all the fancy stuff like coconut butter (though it’s yummy). It’s really just eating veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds. Voila! Not too hard or pricey. I found nuts at Costco for really cheap and I get my fruits and veggies at local Farmer’s Markets in spring/summer/fall and Costco or Super Target or local health food store in winter.

    I recommend www.rawfoodrehab.com -- see “The Kitchen” “room” for recipes galore.

    I also recommend www.rawfu.com -- a smaller and fabulous community -- right now, see Videos almost daily by RawDawg Rory, an awesome, light and happy man who lost over 100 pounds on raw and is still going strong, glowing with happiness and health! :)

    p.s. Vitamix has the best customer service evah! I have not heard the same about Blendtec, but of course ymmv!

  4. P.S. There is a LOT of chewing in raw food eating. LOL!

    And one way to have raw veggies that taste more cooked is to marinate them in all sort of nummy things...

    Another way is to dehydrate, which you can start in your oven (though on low it may still be killing off some enzymes and phytonutrients.)

    See RawDawg Rory’s video on Rawfu.com about transition to raw foods, he talks about marinating and so on . . .


  5. Thanks for all the suggestions, Kimberly! I'll give those websites a look. :)

  6. I thought I would update: I have purchased a Vitamix. Can't wait for it to get here!! Likely will put up new blogs regarding my experience. :) Thanks again for the advices!