What's in your cupboards?

Ever wonder what is in other people's cupboards? Especially those that proclaim to be foodies? I know I am! What is in Oprah's cupboards? How about Martha Stewart? For some reason, I envision Paula Dean's cupboards to look my grandmother's. *chuckles*

I'm even more curious what the more heavy hitters of natural/organic/raw cooks have in their cupboards.

Figured I'd take the first step...

Cupboard one (large cupboard, left side):

Cupboard one (large cupboard, right side):

Cupboard two (cereals/spices)

Fridge (main inside):

Crisper drawer (yes, I'm aware it is dirty! LOL):

Fridge door:

Freezer (main):

Freezer door:

When reviewing the photos, I did discover some old things that needed tossing as well as some areas needed some cleaning. So, go ahead, take photos, look at them. You will gain a different perspective of what is in your cupboards.

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