Felt crappy on Saturday (Aug 14)

And couldn't figure out why...it had a sense of familiarity. Then it hit me, I had a revelation.

It has been a rough week whereas food is concerned. Not for lack of control or any of the typical reasons you'd think a big chick trying to lose weight would have, it was the lack of food in my house. The husband has been out of work since last July. While unemployment did not pay a heck of a lot, it did help with the groceries. This of course before we traveled a much healthier lifestyle. Easier to get by on a lot of carb based food items (rice, bread, potatoes, cheap processed foods, etc).

Then unemployment ended...

Why we had to decided to become much more serious in our eating habits during broke times? I haven't a clue! Ha! Maybe I'm just morbid like that and challenge myself to the fullest. Yea, I'll go with that, sounds much more positive. *wink*

Fast forwarding to Saturday after a week of a bleak week of fresh food. Just getting paid the day before, we headed to Natural Pantry (healthy grocery store). We make this trip 2-3 times a week. The 3 mile stretch is nothing for us...except for Saturday. Why was Saturday so hard on me? I walk a minimum of 2 miles a day! Maybe because I didn't add additional miles? It did take a lot of effort to walk my minimal miles this week. Chalked it up to being tired and maybe burned out.

Within a mile in, the 7 year old started whining. The husband was being sluggish and quite frankly, not fun company. WAIT! They feel like crap too! Ugh. Are we finally getting sick? We've been able to avoid sickness all summer despite the horrible weather...why now?!

WAIT! (yes, I'm aware there is a pattern here...hahaha)

I remember this feeling. Started talking to Mr. Cranky. It just occurred to me we've not had much fresh food in our diet this week. Having nearly next to nothing to work with, we had to really strategize how to make that money stretch one week until payday. Naturally, fresh food (namely produce) got cut dramatically. Think it is possible the lack of proper nutrition is the culprit? We decided we would eat at Natural Pantry's deli. Looked around and decided the salad bar looked like a gold mine...even to the 7 year old! Within minutes after chowing down a plate full of yummy vegetables, we started to feel much better. Wow! I think the original assessment is correct! Before heading home, we ate some raw cashews with raw cacoa nibs. YUM!

Even though our budget continues to be tight, we were sure to buy a nice variety of fruits and vegetables. With knowing how a week of improper eating has affected us, I'm not entirely sure we would have made different decisions regarding what we purchased. But knowing what we know now, will influence our future tighter-than-normal weeks.

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