*the* scale revisited

Yes, we are back to this topic. I have a feeling it will be a lifelong topic but that is okay! The more we talk about this taboo topic, the better. One day, we WILL conquer this war with the evil scale.

I am still scale free since mid March. The support on the scale-free revolution has been overwhelming. Ladies, you are awesome. Keep the challenge going!!

For those not familiar with the scale challenge: Do NOT weigh yourself for 30 days. Lock that scale up in the closet, take the battery out, etc. Out of sight, out of mind. It is harder than you would think. Will you try it?)

I want to talk about a special friend of mine, B. She has no idea that she has been a huge source of inspiration the past 2 months. She has been upfront and honest about the trials of torture with *the* scale. Because she is with the National Guard, she is required a yearly physical. Yep, you know where I am going with this. She didn't even look at the scale...but the scale had it's evil ways...through the nurse. Before she knew what could happen, the nurse uttered those words. You weigh XYZ. The results don't really matter. It's knowing what the numbers are. It sent her into a spiral. I loved her candor and honesty in what happened. What she doesn't realize is her own strength. It did not send her out of control for months on end. She got right back up and marched on. She doesn't know it but I cried reading her story. I cried for her, I cried for me, I cried for all of us who struggle with *the* scale. Most of all, I'm proud of her. She recognized what it was doing and stopped herself from becoming destructive. She took it's power away.

She recently reveled the most awesome way to strip *the* evil scale of it's power in her own home, body and soul. She took a piece of tape over the number reader of her scale and scribbled the following message: This does not dictate my worth. I recreated the image to share with all of you. Don't be afraid to do the same to yours. I promise you, empowerment is guaranteed.

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  1. Awww! :D

    For what it's worth, I ended up taking the label off of my scale- my husband does get some benefit from weighing himself. But, I still haven't touched the damned thing.

    And, I had another weigh-in (for my base this time). I asked the tech not to tell me my weight, and he was totally fine with that. Crisis averted! I think this will transfer over well to civilian doctor's offices as well. Even if they HAVE to record a weight, they don't have to tell you what the number is.