Pork roast via crockpot

Finally decided to pull the crockpot off the top shelf and dust it off. After all, it has been at least a couple of years since we used it. I have a love/hate relationship with it.

Love the ease and carefreeness of using it but hate that it takes *cooking* away from me. Can't experiment or anything of that nature. I mean you can but won't find out the results until hours later and will be too late to try and fix it.

I've made no secret that summer has been crappy here in Alaska this year. We hit another cold raining week (this weekend has been beautiful!). Had a big ole pork roast sitting in the deep freezer calling my name. I'm coooooold, please warm me up! Ha!

Waiting to cook the roast until I got home would mean we wouldn't eat until 9pm and that is entirely too late for the little one to be eating dinner on a school night. It is then when the crockpot from up above hollered at me. Oh what the hell!

Made homemade cheesy bread and fresh vegetable melody to join the party on the plate! Even made gravy using whole wheat flour! I'm sure mashed potatoes would go lovely with this. I didn't want the added carbs but did think about it! Ha!

No *recipe* is really needed but if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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