Did you see a fat lady jogging this morning?

If are in Anchorage, chances are, you did. No worries, it was just me. Yes, in my bright lime green jacket, scarf wrapped around my neck with a matching bright green backpack and a blinky light thingie attached to the backpack. I've been attempting (a very loose term right now) to jog.

I asked my knees a couple of weeks ago if I attempted jogging if they would give out or not. At first, they laughed at me. When the expression from my face went unchanged, they started to growl, actually, grind is more like it. Perhaps I should have waited a little longer, they are still bitter about the whole elevator fiasco.

I gave them a week to moan and groan, literally. I felt like such a wimp! I'd jog for about 5 seconds and about want to die! Damn those joggers, they make it look so effortless!! I jogged a few more times in 5 second intervals. Thought, this has to look like a joke! A 200+ pound woman jogging?! I'm sure folks don't know whether to cry or laugh...probably both....cry from laughing. I would quickly retreat from jogging as soon as I would see a vehicle approaching.

Gave up for a few days. I'm just too fat! My husband was bewildered I even tried to run, jog, whatever! What possessed me to do it? I explained I had a dream that I ran everywhere. Not the running from monsters or vampires, just joyfully and effortlessly running everywhere. Sigh.

Woke up to a dense fog this morning. Something stirred in me as I ventured out for my morning routine of walking to work. The urge to jog surfaced again. Peering into the deep fog, I looked around. Maybe there is a vampire watching me? After laughing at myself, felt that a warmup is required. Approached the main road, looked around again for vampires (or other vehicles). Started to jog. Granted it is very low impact kind of jogging but, I was doing it!

Saw headlights approaching...QUICK! What should I do?! I didn't want to stop, so my feet kept on with the jogging. Made it nearly 2 blocks then had to walk a bit. Wow. I just jogged more than 5 seconds! Made it pass some buildings, then the long stretch to work. Took turns for a half mile, jogging and walking. Shins were starting to burn, ankles getting numb. I think I felt safe under the blanket of the fog, not overly concerned if someone saw me. My knees did pretty good considering. They were not happy with my decision to climb the stairs. Oh well!

Felt a little bit sad that my friend who lives clear across the country was not there to share it with me although, I did tell her about it on facebook. I think we'd make fabulous walking/jogging buddies. She already said hell no to moving here. Maybe if I just tell her how totally awesome this place is, she'll have no choice but to move. Yeah, right. Hahaha!


  1. be careful...jogging releases endorphins...it's addictive

  2. You GO girl! I'm jealous.


  3. WoohoooO!!! I predict you’ll be running non-stop for 15 minutes within just a few months. But!!! Do be gentle and careful...I myself tend to overdo then need to back way the hell off for a long time --- slow and steady is the way to be! Awesome job!!!

    So what size clothes are you into now versus a year ago? Do tell!

  4. I don't know yet Kimberly. I'm still wearing my various sizes 26/28 and a couple of 24 pants. Too broke to buy new clothes yet. I joke that it is a good thing I have hips, otherwise the clothes would just fall down. Judging from past experience, I would guess I am between 230-250. I started at nearly 300.

    Sometimes I feel I should get a bathing suit since I'm swimming in my clothes. LOL Definitely smaller than last year, stronger, too. Naturally, I'd like to be at goal weight (what that is...I haven't a clue yet. LOL). I'm hanging in there, taking it one healthy meal and step at a time. Most importantly, I'm staying far away from the scale.

  5. That's terrific. I'm a big ole wimp when it comes to jogging and running. You make me want to give it a go. I'd be in the jog 5 seconds at a time camp for sure. Even at my fittest, I hated running and jogging.

  6. There was another sighting this morning. *wink*

    Made it to work in 15 mins, normally takes me at least 20. I jogged 5 of those mins. Yippeee for me as I limp and hobble. *laughs*

    Thanks so much for the kind words. My goal is to jog 2 days, off 1 day. Each week increase my walk/jog ratio. :)

  7. I, too, am attempting. Keep up the good work, Girl!

  8. Impressive! Walking is also really good for you - speed walking, aka racewalking and powerwalking, even better and a lot kinder on your knees than jogging. It's a real workout, particularly if you get your arms involved. I like it better because my knees and ankles just can't take the slamming from jogging. Then again, I'm old and a wuss, so probably not a good example.

  9. Hey, I got this in my email today from Livestrong and it made me think of you: http://www.livestrong.com/article/178810-walking-workouts-to-lose-weight/?utm_source=septembernewsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=100928

  10. I too have dreams of running and enjoying it! I started to train for a 5k, and 3 weeks into it my feet killed.. needless to say, get good shoes so you can properly support your feet & knees & ankels when running! I had to stop running..very sad about that. But anyways, Awesome job & I like reading your blogs. My inspiration to you, keep running for the few seconds you can, because yesterday you wernt as good & you dont want to give that up :)