Let's talk about exercise...

I loathe it. /end of blog

Ha! Just kidding. What is it that makes that task so daunting? Is it because it is a *task*? I know I viewed it as one. Who am I kidding, I still do.

Five years ago, if you told me I would be walking up to 20 miles a week, I would have split my side open from laughing so hard. Walking became an accident.

Three years ago, our Old Gal (Ford Explorer) gave up. She was tired. She was a good companion for the years we had her. We were left with the decision to pour a lot of money into her or let her go. We were in contract with selling our house and the last thing I wanted was another big bill every month.

After many deliberations (AKA arguing), the decision was to ride the bus. Eric has been riding the bus for years but the thought of ME riding was... unnerving! I laugh now of course, but at the time, I was near panic attack mode over this thought. My stubbornness persevered. Being adamant about NOT wanting a big car bill every month or wanting another used vehicle, I had to swallow my pride and walk.

The nearest stop was about a mile away. I spent the weekend crying quietly in the shower. I took many showers that weekend. How was I going to do it? I'm too fat! I can barely walk around a block. To top it off, this all occurred in the middle of winter here in Alaska. It was my responsibility to get my son to preschool at the time. He was my rock. That little boy encouraged me the whole way. My husband, bless his heart, even wrote out the schedule for me; exactly which bus to get on at what times. Within a month, I was able to do that walk and then some. Feeling very good and confident in walking. But still hated it...

Here we are, year three with no vehicle. There are times it would be convenient to have a car, but I'm much happier without it. Often times, we are left to feel like second class citizens because we do not have a vehicle. Surely we must have done something or too poor. It's frustrating at times. Not only do we save a LOT of money (no car payment, no insurance, no repairs, etc) but we are much more active.

Three months ago, I took a much more serious approach to walking. Gave up the bus pass and started walking to and from work. It's not that far away, but far enough to get a good workout. After a month of that, I wanted more. Craved more. Adding family walks has been enjoyable. Even when the weather is bad, I still go out. Determined. I want to do this!

I wouldn't say that I hate walking now, but not quite at the love-it stage. I guess you could say the jury is still out on that opinion. This I do know...it has been wonderful for my health. I've been med-free for nearly two years. I'd like to keep it that way. Would be interesting to see what my thoughts are about exercise five years from now...

When is the last time you walked around the block?

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  1. Ha! I walked last night. I started couch to 5k yesterday, and the husband suggested that we walk so I'm not so sore tomorrow. I'm hoping the pattern of run one day/walk the next can catch on.

    It was also a very nice time for us to chat without interruptions.