Dreaming of a BIG kitchen

I don't have the standard cooking tools that most possess in their kitchen. Things like measuring cups/spoons, cheese grater, rolling pin, ice trays, not even a microwave. I know, the horror! No microwave. *laughs hard* I prefer not to have those tools, in my eyes, more crap to have to wash!

What I do dream of is a BIG kitchen. Giant gas stove with a minimum of 6 burners, even one with a bbq grill in the middle; double oven would be heavenly. The sound of clanging pots and pans above would bring music to my ears. Walls adorned with beautiful sharp knives. Shelves loaded with prep bowls of all shapes and sizes. Counter tops that is as long as the earth herself. Large refrigerator with extra produce bins. Not asking for much, am I? LOL

This kitchen is simply gorgeous! Very close to the style I covet, would love to add a bit of a modern touch to the design.

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