Day Six: Vegan Challenge

Sorry Vegan folks...this just isn't pizza without cheese. We have sampled non-animal based cheeses at the store and it was a very big no go. I do not want to offend those that do enjoy those cheeses so will leave it just as that without the many descriptive words I could use to describe the taste.

This was the toughest meal to make without adding cheese. Even consulted with my husband to whether or not to add just.a.little.bit. He said why not try it without. We agreed to the challenge so let's give it a try.

You know, it wasn't bad at all. Quite tasty. But, it was not *pizza*. I'll be honest, the likelihood of me making this again without cheese is pretty slim.

Because I have a pizza recipe already on here, I am not going to post a full recipe. I did add quinoa and wild rice to the flour blend. The topping was sundried tomatoes and broccoli blended into a bit of a chunky paste, topped with onions and olives (our fav).

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