New dish, no name

This is the problem I encounter when creating new dishes out of the hat. No clue what to call them! Maybe I will starting calling them Goulash #1, Goulash #2 and so forth. Nah, that would be too dull. I am anything but dull!!

I have a confession to share with all of you folks first. About to commit the ultimate sin in my kitchen. For those of you that have forgotten, didn't care or are new to my blog. I have a very bare bones kitchen. Take great pride in not having the typical tools used in a proper kitchen. Was rebellious as a child, that trait has not outgrown with age. No microwave, no toaster, blender, measuring cups and the like. Cannot tell you how many people the years have tried to give me...almost DEMAND I take a microwave. Who the hell has more than one microwave?!

What was I talking about?

Oh yeah! The ultimate sin! I am also easily distracted, even in the middle of my own ramblings. It is rather embarrassing when I have to stop myself in the middle of a conversation and hope the listener was indeed listening then get me back on track.

Ready to slap me yet?

After years of coveting a fancy smancy blender, I am going to buy one! Spent the last few days looking at every freaking youtube video, reviews, stories on all the major brands. Will soon be a owner of a Vitamix! Hopefully, my kitchen won't rebel, maybe yet, they will rejoice that I will be in there less.

Ready for the mysterious new dish? It has an Indian flare...tried a new spice blend. Talk about a change in taste and texture but amazing. Nothing more fun watching the family try and identify what is in their food, looking at me for confirmation that I have not lost my marbles and decided to poison them. Can't understand why they did not believe me and demanded I take the first bite.

The new spice blend is called Panch Phora: fenugreek, brown mustard seed, nigella, cumin seed, fennel seed. They can be soaked in oil, ground or cooked in oil whole.

Aren't they gorgeous?!

1 pound of ground meat (pork or turkey work great)
1 onion sliced
1 can diced tomatoes drained (freeze juice for future recipes!)
2 cups broccoli sliced
2 heaping tablespoons Panch Phora spice blend
4 tablespoon plain yogurt

In a tablespoon olive oil, cook Panch Phora on medium high heat, when the seeds start to pop, turn heat down to medium. Add ground meat. Cook until barely pink, add onions. Allow to cook for approx. 10 minutes until onions are translucent, add broccoli. Cook for 15 more minutes. Add drained dice tomatoes and simmer for 10 minutes.
Top with a tablespoon of plain yogurt. Wonderful served with a side of rice or as pictured, quinoa.


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